Statement of the Ministry of Defence
31 January 2021

TV channel Formula’s report on the Ukrainian company and related issues once again underlines the channel’s and its real political owners' attempts to damage the reputation of the defence forces and to discredit the on-going force modernization process by manipulations and baseless accusations.

We would like to clarify that the issue of servicing Mi-8 helicopters was discussed at the meeting with the representatives of the Ukrainian company Motor Sich, however, no agreement or contract was signed for the mentioned aircrafts. As for the engines and gearbox of the Mi-24 combat helicopter, an agreement has already been signed between the company Motor Sich and JSC Tbilaviamsheni, which envisages the modernization and repair of the engines of the Mi-24 combat helicopter.

It is a completely incomprehensible and slanderous accusation from the participants of the report that the repair and modernization of these helicopters is a Russian priority because their purchase and repair was carried out in Ukraine in 2006 during the previous government. Moreover, similar aircrafts are found in the forces of a number of NATO and EU member states, including Germany, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, as well as in the United States for training purposes. Despite the baseless accusations, the Ministry, in the coming years, in the frames of the Georgian Defence Forces Development Plan (2020-2030), along with the modernization of aviation, namely the acquisition of unmanned reconnaissance and combat aircraft (drones), continues to actively develop capabilities such as artillery, intelligence, engineering, transportation and logistics.