The process of rotation of Georgian troops from Afghanistan finished
25 January 2021

The 13th Battalion of I Infantry Brigade of the Defence Forces successfully completed the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. The Battalion returned to the homeland in full force.

Deputy Commander of the Georgian Defence Forces Major General Zaza Chkhaidze, Eastern Commander Brigadier General Roland Dzneladze and I Infantry Brigade Commander Colonel Zaza Shalamberidze greeted the peacekeepers at the Tbilisi International Airport. They thanked the military for the successful accomplishment of the mission and congratulated them on their peaceful return to the homeland.

The 13th Infantry Battalion of I Infantry Brigade was conducting a NATO-led Resolute Support Mission for six months at the Bagram Airfeld. The main task of the unit was protecting the security of the base. The 32nd Infantry Battalion rotated the13th Infantry Battalion and was officially transferred authority.

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