Georgian Defense Forces Received MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System from USA
9 December 2020

Within the firm support of USA-Georgia military partnership, Georgia has received MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system. The system is an essential component for training purposes in real combat environment. The 4.3 million USD program includes a full set of training, equipment and administration costs.

JTEC Commander, LTC Davit Gagua presented the capabilities of MILES system to Commander of Training and Military Education Command, Colonel Zurab Khvichia at JTEC.

Creation of integrated training environment is one of the essential components of JTEC development process. MILES systems strengthen the capabilities of the Center. Full completion of integrated training environment is planned for the next year.
The equipment allows the connection of different systems in an integrated training environment. Interconnection of these systems makes possible to see military and techniques from various training areas simultaneously on one monitor in real time.

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