Military Accomplished M-249 Light Machine Gun Operation Course
19 November 2020

Armament modernization process is in active phase in Georgian Defense Forces. Military units of Georgian Defense Forces have already been equipped with 5.56 mm NATO cartridge M-249 light machine guns under the U.S. support. At Common Army Center the American instructors delivered theoretical and practical two-week long special course to the Georgian military servicemen for the proper usage of new machine guns.  

Within the practical exercises the military were trained in shooting from 100m up to 600 m distance on Krtsanisi drill ground for a week. This type of machine gun enhances firepower capabilities of the unit and effectiveness of the operations on the battle field.   

Equip the Georgian Defense Forces with new types of machine guns is part of the process of upgrading and modernizing armaments and equipment, which aims to increase the capabilities of the Defense Forces and interoperability with partner countries.

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