Mi-24 Attack Helicopters to be rehabilitated
10 October 2020

Modernization of the aviation park of Georgian Defense Forces initiated by Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili is ongoing successfully. This year the attack helicopters of Defense Forces will be modernized and rehabilitated by the Georgian specialists for the first time. 5 items of Mi-24 attack helicopters are already transported from Marneuli Air Base to Tbilisi Aviation Factory for their full restoration.     


The employees of JS TAM “Tbilaviamsheni” and State Military Scientific Technical Center “Delta” will work together on the equipment restoration project. During recent years Tbilisi Aviation Factory restored and rehabilitated Mi-24 attack helicopters of various countries. As a result the Georgian specialists have gained and gathered huge experience working on this type of helicopters. Capital repairs of “Delta” workshops and other helping facilities gave possibility Mi-24 attack helicopters of Georgian Defense Forces to be rehabilitated according to the modern standards.     


Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili took decision on capital repairs of Mi-24 attack helicopters after his visiting in Marneuli Air Base, where he personally got information about the conditions of existing anti-aircraft missile systems, aircrafts and equipment of Aviation and Air Defense. Under Defense Minister’s decision, except Mi-24 attack helicopters, Mi-8 MTV transport helicopters, UH-1 turbine-powered helicopters and L-39 high-performance jet trainers will be rehabilitated and modernized as well. SU-25 jet aircrafts are already under capital repair.


Modernization of the aviation park of Georgian Defense Forces is being implemented with cooperation of JS TAM “Tbilaviamsheni” and State Military Scientific Technical Center “Delta”. In parallel of restoration, rehabilitation and modernization of existing flying machines, the project includes training and re-training of personnel, as well as creating of the appropriate infrastructure. Capital repair and modernization is ongoing under the developing plan of Georgian Defense Forces outlined in “Minister’s Vision” and aims to strengthen and develop the units of Georgian Defense Forces.

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