23rd Battalion Concluded Field Trainings on Orpolo Firing Range
25 September 2020

Charlie Company of the 23rd Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade concluded the task-oriented field trainings with a demonstration exercise. Military personnel of the 23rd Battalion conducted company-size final exercise on the firing range in Orpolo which included the live fire exercise with offensive and defensive operations.

During 10 days military personnel of the 2nd Infantry Brigade carried out various tactical tasks, among them ambush, reaction to contact and indirect fire, calling for indirect fire, tactical movement, offensive and defensive operations. Battalion was supported by the 82 mm mortar platoon, medical group of Support Company, 24th artillery battalion DANA battery and engineering, anti-tank and anti-aircraft units of the 2nd Infantry Brigade.  

The goal of the field trainings was to improve interaction between the infantry company and support elements as well as the command and control skills in combat operations.

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