Intelligence Units of Defense Forces to be Equipped with New UAVs
28 September 2020

Defense Ministry of Georgia purchased unmanned aerial vehicles form the Spanish partners, replaced old UAVs by new ones and trained its personnel. Completing of intelligence units with UAVs has already launched that includes equipment of the units with modern tactical and operative unmanned reconnaissance systems. 

Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili viewed Spanish unmanned reconnaissance systems on Marneuli Air Base and attended the demonstrative flight.  

Modernization and purchasing of UAVs essentially strengthens Georgia’s defense capabilities.

In addition of upgrading UAVs, purchasing of air defense, anti-armor armament, modern artillery and reconnaissance systems and improvement of their capabilities are in active phase. Purchasing, introduction and development of modern systems are the basic priorities of Defense Forces of Georgia. These systems mostly assist Defense Forces for development of reconnaissance capabilities; they will also be used in various trainings and in rescue operations.

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