Defence Minister issued a new order due to the increased number of Covid19 cases
10 September 2020

Concerning the increased number of coronavirus cases in the country, Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili issued a new order to prevent the further spread of Covid19 pandemic. The order sets out certain regulations for the personnel of the Defence Ministry and Defence Forces.


According to Defence Minister’s order, from September 10, 2020 controlling measures will become tougher:


  • Temperature screening at check-points will be mandatory;
  • Wearing face masks in closed public spaces will be mandatory;
  • Personnel prior to taking a leave will be given instructions and recommendation to abstain from travelling to suspicious and risk zones, including epidemic zones;
  • Personnel returning from epidemic zones will be given instruction to stay in self-isolation according to existing regulations in the country and in case PCR test result is negative, they will have to work in a remote regime for a certain period of time under monitoring.