A complete modernization and upgrade of the air fleet in the Defense Forces has begun
24 July 2020

The project announced by the Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili regarding development of aviation has launched. Georgian Defence Forces will soon have an updated and modernized air fleet. The aircrafts on the balance sheet of the Defence Forces - Su-25 aircraft and Mi-24 fighter helicopters were dismantled at the Marneuli air base and transferred to the aviation plant for capital repairs.

The process of renewing the aviation park is carried out in accordance with the relevant plan-schedule, in cooperation with Tbilaviamsheni and Delta. In parallel with the restoration-rehabilitation-modernization of the air fleet, the project envisages the training and retraining of personnel and developing of appropriate infrastructure.
Georgian military and civilian specialists in the relevant field are jointly involved in the process of upgrading the aircrafts, that further contributes to the development of the Georgian military industry.The overhaul and modernization of air fleet is carried out within the framework of the Defence Forces Development Plan determined in the "Minister's Vision" and aims to strengthen and develop the aviation units of the Georgian Defence Forces.

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