Georgian peacekeepers returned to the motherland from Afghanistan
23 July 2020

The 12th Battalion of I Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Defence Forces finished the Resolute Support Mission. I Company of the unit, led by Lieutenant Colonel Giorgi Jincharadze, returned to Georgia from Afghanistan. Deputy Commander of the Georgian Defence Forces - Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Johnny Tatunashvili greeted the Georgian peacekeepers.

The 12th Battalion was carrying out the RSM under the US command. The task of the Battalion was to protect the security of Bagram Airfield. The full contingent of the Battalion will return to Georgia step by step. According to the recommendations developed by the World Health Organization, Georgian peacekeepers will return to the units after a two-week quarantine.

The 13th Battalion replaced the 12th Battalion on a rotation basis. The unit has already took over the authority over the mission and began fulfilling its duties side by side with coalition forces. 

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