13th Battalion was officially transferred authority
21 July 2020

The 13th Battalion of I Infantry Brigade of Georgian Defence Forces was officially transferred authority from the 12th Battalion and launched fulfilling the Resolute Support Mission side by side the coalition forces. The mission of the Georgian peacekeepers will be protecting security of the Bagram Airfield.


The Transfer of authority ceremony was held at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. The Commander of the Base, Colonel James Eldridge, emphasized the successful completion of the mission by the military personnel of the 12th Battalion and thanked them for their high level of performance.

The head of the Bagram base and high-ranking officials of the coalition forces also awarded the Georgian military with medals of the peacekeeping mission

The 12th Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade was carrying out the "Strong Support" mission under US command from December. The unit successfully completed the peacekeeping mission and will return to the homeland in the near future.

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