Statement of Defense Ministry of Georgia
17 July 2020

10 peacekeepers of Georgian Defense Forces participating in Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan, who were confirmed COVID-19 together with 28 military servicemen, were transported to Georgia today by a special flight of military airplane of German Air Forces. Under the decision of NATO Command, the infected soldiers were transported to Georgia in two stages – on July 10 and today.   


Among 28 military servicemen brought to homeland on July 10, 8 of them have already recovered and left medical institution. Health condition of other military servicemen is satisfactory. The infection goes away without complications and complaints, and the source of the infection is linked to the same cluster - local Afghan personnel.


At this moment, according to the relevant surveys conducted in Afghanistan, COVID-19 is not confirmed to other Georgian military. Before transporting to Georgia, the peacekeepers were placed in special isolated areas in full compliance with the rules established by NATO.  


Military servicemen will continue medical treatment at MoD military hospital which World Health Organization gave highest evaluation in the fight against pandemic. The part of the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan who returns in Georgia in several weeks will undergo two week long quarantine according to the rules.  


It is worth to emphasize, that releasing information on related issues are depended on certain purposes of defense capability and operative readiness tasks. This approach meets international practice and is appropriate to the information policy of NATO member countries. Defense Ministry of Georgia actively continues to pass all those preventive and recommendatory measures that ensure positive dynamics of the Defense Forces and in the country.