Ministry of Defence will legalize apartments for up to 5,000 families
16 July 2020

Under the initiative of Minister of Defence of Georgia, Defence Ministry will legalize apartments for up to 5000 families. According to the resolution of the Government, the apartments registered on the balance sheet of Defence Ministry will be transferred into ownership to the former military servicemen, internally displaced persons, socially vulnerable people and other citizens of Georgia.  
The legalization of the apartments will solve the problem for thousands of families which was unresolved for years and it will dramatically improve their social status.

Up to 5,000 non-privatized apartments are on the balance sheet of the Ministry of Defence in western and eastern Georgia, including in Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti, Khoni, Senaki, Tbilisi and other municipalities of Eastern Georgia. The flats will be passed into possession to current and former military personnel, as well as to internally displaced persons. 

It should be noted that the Ministry do not use the existing apartments and can not repair them. Consequently, the citizens living in these flats do not have normal living conditions. The new initiative will allow the actual owners to use the municipal programmes of homeowner association and repair roofs, entrances, water supply system, etc.

The new resolution of the government regulates the rules of the administration of transferring residential and non-residential property into ownership and the registration of property rights. The written application and the relevant documents will be reviewed by a commission established by an individual administrative-legal act of the Minister.