Statement of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia
10 July 2020

28 Georgian military servicemen deployed to the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, having tested positive for Covid 19, were brought to Georgia by a special German Air Force plane a few weeks before the planned rotation. Doctors and other medical personnel from different units of Bundeswher accompanied the soldiers.

The medical condition of the military personnel is satisfactory. As for the symptoms, it goes on without complications or complaints. The source of infection is related to local Afghan personnel.

It should be noted as well that before arriving in Georgia, the sodiers were placed in special isolation areas in full compliance with the rules established by NATO, and, consequently, other Georgian servicemen on mission were not at risk of infection.

The military servicemen will continue the treatment at the Gori Military Hospital, which, according to the evaluation of the World Health Organization, is one of the best prepared medical institutions in Georgia in terms of readiness to fight the pandemic. As for the rest of the military, they will go through a 2-week quarantine after returning to the country.


We would like to clarify for the public that the dissemination of the information on these and other similar issues and the time selected for it is defined by the specific defence objectives and operational readiness tasks. The above said approach is internationally recognized practice and fully corresponds to the NATO member nations` information policy. The Ministry of Defence of Georgia continues to effectively carry out and supervise all the preventive measures that ensures the maintenance of the positive dynamics of the Defence Forces and the country in general.

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