Registration of students in the Cadet Military Lyceum is ongoing
29 June 2020

Admission of students to the General Giorgi Kvinitadze Cadets Military Lyceum for the 2020-2021 academic year is ongoing.

It should be underlined that this year the number of people wishing to enter the Lyceum has increased by 61%. The registration of students is being carried out in full compliance with the regulations set in the country due to the prevention of coronavirus. Registration will end on July 3.

The registered students will take the test in mathematics on July 7 and the general skills test- on July 8. There is a change in the format of the entrance exams for the Lyceum – the applicants will no longer have to pass the test in physical training. The exams will be held in two cities, Tbilisi and Kutaisi, and students will be able to choose the city themselves.

The students will be admitted to the Cadets Military Lyceum on a competitive basis. Selection will be made from the candidates with the best results in the exams. The selected candidates will undergo a medical check up in the Military Hospital.

This year, the number of places in the lyceum was defined for 121 students, out of which 97 are boys and 24 are girls. The final lists of the students admitted to the Lyceum will be published on August 5.

The students of general educational establishments who completed the basic level of general education (Grade IX) in 2020 and meet the conditions of the selection criteria are admitted to the Cadets Military Lyceum.

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