Working meeting of NATO Smart Defence Initiative MISP consumers
24 June 2020

Today, June 24, the Cyber Security Bureau participated for the first time in the annual meeting of MISP Consumers of NATO Smart Defence Initiative.

The meeting was held in a virtual mode. At the meeting, the Cyber ​​Security Bureau shared with its partner countries the information on the infrastructure and ongoing processes in this field of cyber security in Georgia. As you know, in May 2012, the NATO Chicago Summit laid the groundwork for a Smart Defence Initiative, which aims to tackle existing and expected security challenges through joint efforts.

As part of the initiative, the NATO-MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) project is being implemented, which serves to improve the cyber defence capabilities of NATO member states by exchanging information on threats and malware. The platform for exchanging information about malicious code provides secure exchange of information about cybercriminals without content with NATO member and partner countries. The Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Defence joined the project in January 2016 and became a full member of the platform by a decision of NATO in January 2020.