A new flow of recruits began the basic combat training with novelties
24 June 2020

For the first time in the history of Georgian Defence Forces, according to the decision of the Minister of Defence, the recruits enrolled in the Basic Combat Training (BCT) Course will receive a salary of 500 GEL. Until now, the three-month course was held without payment. Another novelty was the infrastructure similar to the standards of NATO member countries offered to the candidates for the contract military service.

As of today, 319 recruits will begin the first phase of their military life at the Basic Combat Training (BTC) Centre in Vaziani. Field exercises will be held in the vicinity of Vaziani Airpfield. Towards the end of the BCT Course the recruits will swear the oath of alliagance and will joint Georgian Defence Forces.

Prior to leaving for the BCT Centre, the recruits underwent testing and thermal screening at the Krtsanisi Support Center to prevent the spread of the virus. The recruits began the first stage of the Course in the Georgian National Defence Academy. In Gori, they were given military uniforms and distributed into groups after instruction.

The theoretical part of the BCT course  lasted 11 days, during which the recruits were practiced in drill training, tactics, navigation, shooting, communication, the first medical aid and studied military history of Georgia.

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