Statement of Ministry of Defence of Georgia
28 May 2020

The information covered by Pirveli TV, which focused on the supply of pork by the Ministry of Defence to the Defence Forces, contained a number of misinformation, inaccuracies and aimed at misleading the public.

In general, we want to make it clear that one of the priorities of Defence Minister is to supply the military with high quality food products. Consequently, for the first time in the history of the country's independence, the army is fully supplied with local fresh beef and pork.

The frozen pork mentioned in the story is used to create strategic supplies for the army and for exceptional cases where it is critically necessary to purchase frozen pork.

It should also be noted that the need to create frozen meat supply was further strengthened by the global pandemic. It should be underlined as well that Ltd State Food Company provides Ministry of Defence with food which operates for commercial purposes and supply other facilities too.

Another lie in the story was that the Ministry of Defence identifies the company winning the tender during the public procurement. However, the Ministry only determines the tender conditions and the winner is revealed by the tender commission of the Procurement Agency.

Another misinformation is that the company that won the tender, despite non-fulfillment of obligations, received the amount of the contract value (706,200 GEL), which is also not true, as the company did not receive any GEL from the contract.

It was also underlined in the news coverage that Ministry of Defence does not purposefully terminate the contract with the winner company that did not fulfill its obligations under the contract.

We would like to clarify that on March 30, that Ltd State Food Company sent an official letter to the Tender Commission of the Procurement Agency regarding the termination of the contract with the winner company. The reason for the appeal was that as of March 30, Ltd. Luka 2005 did not fulfil its obligations of supplying the frozen meat as provided by the agreement signed on February 24, 2020.  

This rapid and timely response once again confirms the effective control and inspection mechanisms within the Ministry of Defence.

Further decisions (termination of the contract or otherwise) are not within the authority of the Ministry of Defence and this is the competence of the State Procurement Agency.