II Brigade of Defence Forces provides monitoring of quarantine regime in Kobuleti along with law enforcers
13 April 2020

As part of the preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus, the administrative units of Kobuleti municipality were added to the area of ​​operation of the Western Command from this morning. II Infantry Brigade personnel along with the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provide monitoring of quarantine restrictions imposed due to the high epidemiological risk in the villages of Kobuleti municipality.

The personnel of the 22nd Battalion organized two main movement restriction points in the administrative units of Kobuleti Municipality - Gvara and Legva - in the morning and for the blocking of the bypass roads, they mobilized at 7 movement restriction points. Barriers and strong night lighting systems were installed and medical tents were set up for the thermal screening of the citizens. In both villages, citizens are not allowed to enter or leave the territory. The military and law enforcement officers will ensure the implementation of the quarantine regime together.
Koba Grigolia, II Infantry Brigade Commander was present at the Kobuleti checkpoints in Gvara and Legva. He instructed the military about the rules of action in the quarantine zone and stressed the importance of coordinated work with law enforcement officers.

From March 22 to date, the units of the Georgian Defence Forces provided disinfection of 261,149 vehicles throughout the country and thermal screening of 770,780 people.

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