Military servicemen control the quarantine restrictions along with law-enforcement officers
11 April 2020

Within the preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus, the area of action of Western Command has increased today. According to the decision of the Interagency Coordinating Council, due to the high epidemiological risks, the military of III Infantry Brigade together with the law enforcement officers provide the control of strict quarantine restrictions imposed under the state of emergency at the Lentekhi entrance.

Lentekhi checkpoint is the point of restricted movement and the military only allow medical, food and banking vehicles in the area. When leaving the district, strict control of vehicles, including their disinfection and thermal screening of citizens are carried out.

At the Lentekhi checkpoint, the III Infantry Brigade military set up barriers made of iron construction, where strong night lighting systems were also installed. Before leaving the place of deployment, the soldiers were given special instructions and their equipment was treated with disinfectant solution.

Currently, Western Command units are mobilized at 30 checkpoints in the area of ​​action.
From March 22 to date, the Defence Forces decontaminated 253,880 vehicles and conducted thermal screening of 620,000 people at checkpoints throughout Georgia.

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