4th Mechanized Brigade Commander Visited Checkpoints
10 April 2020

Commander of the 4th Mechanized Brigade of East Command of the Georgian Defence Forces, Colonel Vepkhvia Chalabashvili carries out scheduled monitoring of checkpoints on a daily basis. Today he visited those checkpoints that are being controlled by military personnel of the 4th Mechanized Brigade. Brigade commander talked to military personnel, received detailed information about the current situation on the checkpoints and attended the rotation process. Prior to this, he had visited the command center set up at the Marneuli Air Base where military personnel briefed him about the emergency conditions caused by COVID19, existing situation on checkpoints, number of troops and military equipment, as well as statistical data about daily performance of military and medical personnel.

With the joint efforts, representatives of Defence Forces have sanitized 211 726 vehicles and military doctors carried out temperature screening of 459 979 citizens since March 22.

The 4th Mechanized Brigade has been involved in preventive measures against the spread of the corona virus since March 21. Military personnel of the mentioned military unit is stationed on 12 checkpoints along with the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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