West Command Increased Number of Checkpoints in Operation Area
3 April 2020

On purpose to prevent coronavirus spread in Georgia, West Command of Defense Forces increased the number of checkpoints in its operation area. The units of National Guard and Special Operation Forces have been transferred under West Command operation and since now on Defense Forces control over 24 checkpoints along with MIA forces.

West Command plans activities in the Command Center in Khoni every morning. West Commander, Colonel John Tatunashvili gets information from the heads of various departments and evaluates the activities of Defense Forces with them. The Colonel communicates the commanders of each unit via VTC and gives them appropriate tasks. He also provides them with the updated instructions against spread COVID-19.

The units of West Command rotate at checkpoints in every 24 hours. Prior to launching their duty, commanders give instructions to the military. The soldiers go medical check as well and after decontamination with special solutions they start their duty at the checkpoints.

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