Defense Forces Control over Marneuli and Bolnisi Quarantine Zone for 24 Hours
29 March 2020

CBRN Company of Combat Engineer Battalion of East Command controls over Marneuli and Bolnisi quarantine zone for 24 hours.

Military of CBRN Company conduct disinfection with special solutions for all incoming and outgoing vehicles at the checkpoints. Periodically the military decontaminate surrounding area as well. The company use special technique and equipment for decontamination granted from US and German partners.     

CBRN Company of Combat Engineering Battalion underwent appropriate training with the assistance of American and German instructors. 

Combat Engineering Battalion of Defense Forces of Georgia closely cooperates with CBRN School of German Bundeswehr and US DTRA.   

The main task of CBRN Company is to support civilians during natural disasters and react on radiation, chemical or biological threats. The company participated in cease fire or flood elimination works for many times.