No Confirmation of Military Personnel Affected by COVID19
27 March 2020

According to the analyses received from the Lugar laboratory, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus on military servicemen. Once more the MoD of Georgia highlights that there is no even a single case of COVID19 on military servicemen. As a result of examination even pneumonia diagnose is not confirmed on a soldier.

Due to the decision made by MoD of Georgia, all military servicemen with signs of coronavirus or season influenza undergo treatment at Gori Military Hospital, five military hospitalized at Tbilisi First University Clinic were transferred to Military Hospital yesterday.

Military servicemen are being undergone high qualified medical treatment at Gori Military Hospital. It is worth to emphasize that the World Health Organization rated the level of Hospital preparation and its control over coronavirus infection as of the highest category.

It is important that individuals, media or professional groups do not spread any information in advance or not assess this process or any medical preventive measures under way, as a confirmed case of the virus and await the agency's official statement and clear medical findings.

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