Two Military Service Members Tested Negative for COVID19
25 March 2020

According to the test results of the Lugar Laboratory, two soldiers of the Georgian Defence Forces are not infected with coronvirus. Furthermore, not a single member of the Georgian Defence Forces has tested positive for coronavirus up to now.

Ministry of Defence of Georgia took urgent measures to prevent the spread of the COVID19 among the military personnel. Since March 21st, military personnel of the Georgian Defence Forces have been confined to barracks that minimizes the risk of virus outbreak at the military bases. Disinfection works are regularly conducted on the territory of the Defence Ministry and on all military bases of the Georgian Defence Forces. Special teams check the temperature of soldiers on a regular basis. Disinfection solutions and hygienic means are accessible in all buildings.

According to the order of Defence Minister Irakli Garibashvili issued on March 12, some employees of the Defence Ministry were moved to distance working regime and some were banned to appear at work. Military service members who are in self-isolation are controlled by the Military Police Department and General Inspection.

Defence Ministry pays special attention to health conditions of each military service member and takes all necessary preventive measures for their well-being and safety.