Romanian Air Force Aircraft Returns Georgian Military Servicemen Home
20 March 2020

As part of preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus, Georgian military service members returned to Georgia by the aircraft of the Romanian Air Force. Georgian soldiers were taking part in the military exercise in Romania that was due to finish by the end of April but considering the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a joint decision of the Georgian Defence Ministry and Romanian National Defence Ministry and with the coordinated efforts of relevant units, Georgian soldiers returned to Georgia with a special flight prior to the end of the training course. The above mentioned fact is a clear demonstration of bilateral military cooperation and example of successful partnership.

According to the recommendations issued by the Government Interagency Coordination Council on Coronavirus and in line with the Defence Minister’s Order about preventive measures against novel coronavirus, military personnel were immediately transferred from Tbilisi International Airport to the quarantine zone in the Giorgi Abramishvili Military Hospital located in Gori, where they will spend next two weeks under the supervision of medical personnel.