Statement of Defence Minister
19 March 2020

For me, as the Minister of Defence of Georgia, the first and foremost priority is to protect our military service members and their families amid the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we took decision that Defence Forces of Georgia will be confined to barracks from March 21 to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus. 

During the confinement, restrictions will be imposed on military personnel to leave the bases. These preventive measures will significantly reduce the possibility of spreading the virus at the military base. Military service members will be provided with all the necessities on the military base. The goal of the decision is to protect the military personnel and their families.

From the very first day of the outbreak in Georgia, Ministry of Defence of Georgia took all preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus in line with the recommendations issued by the Interagency Council on Coronavirus.

According to the Defence Minister’s order issued on March 12, some part of the Defence Ministry staff is working remotely. The same order prohibits certain categories of employees to appear at work.

Below listed category of employees are not allowed to come at work if:

  • He/she or his/her family members have been abroad within the last two weeks prior to issuing this order;
  • He/she had contact with somebody came from foreign country;
  • He/she had direct or indirect contact, either personally or through family member with a person who is in self-isolation or quarantine or has been confirmed to have coronavirus.

The below listed employees are not allowed to come at work either in case of:

  • Influenza-like illness or acute respiratory infection;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Chronic illness or immunodeficiency.

The above mentioned employees are required to contact the appropriate medical facility and provide information to their chiefs.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, each staff member of the Defence Ministry is required to fill in special questionnaires. Military Police Department of Georgian Defense Forces is controlling the employees being in self-isolation. Disinfection works are regularly conducted on the territory of Defence Ministry and on all military bases in Georgia. Ad hoc meetings are held via VTC from the Military Command Center. Special teams are checking the temperature of each military service members. Disinfectants and hygiene products are accessible in all buildings.