Defense Minister Held Special Meeting with Defense Forces Commanders from Command Center
13 March 2020

Defense Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili introduced the representatives of various Commands, Special Operation Forces and National Guard of Georgian Defense Forces the conditions of distance working regime through VTC from the Command Center. At the special meeting Defense Minister personally informed the officers the order which aims to prevent corona virus possible spread.    


Irakli Garibashvili called the commanders of each unit on maximal mobilization and control on purpose to prevent possible spread of the corona virus.  Minister emphasized thorough management of the personnel and maximal control of their health.  He also highlighted that care on health of each employee is vital. He also stressed on the readiness of Defense Forces to render assistance to other structures in case of necessity. 


Under Defense Minister’s decision a new order was issued for MoD employees on purpose to prevent possible spread of corona virus. Under Minister’s decision, the part of staff continues work in distance regime from March 12, 2020. According to the same order, certain employees are forbidden to come at the Ministry.


Below listed category of employees are not allowed to come at work in case if:


  • He/she or his/her family members have been abroad within the last two weeks prior to issuing this order;
  • He/she had contact with somebody came from foreign country;
  • He/she had direct or indirect contact, either personally or through family member with a person who is in self-isolation or quarantine or has been confirmed to have a corona virus.

The below listed employees are not allowed to come at work either in case of:


  • Influenza-like illness or acute respiratory infection;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Chronic illness or immunodeficiency.


The above mentioned employees are required to contact the appropriate medical facility and provide information to their heads. Under Irakli Garibashvili’s decision, certain part of employees continue work in distance regime according to the tasks given by their heads. 


All employees of the Defense Ministry have to inform their heads about personal planned visits to foreign countries. All business visits is cancelled or postponed. According to the order, MoD employees should avoid public places. 


In case the order and the rules of self-isolation are violated, he/she will be dismissed. The violation might be resulted the charge under the 132nd article of Criminal Code of Georgia. Military Police Department of Georgian Defense Forces will control the employees being in self-isolation. Under Minister’s order, those employees will get salary.


According to the order, the MoD employees also get recommendations on purpose to prevent possible spread of corona virus.

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