MoD to Launch Fulfillment of New Housing Policy
26 February 2020

Under Irakli Garibashvili’s initiative, Defense Ministry of Georgia will render assistance to military servicemen and their families in providing decent living conditions in purpose to honor their multi-year professional career and devoted service to the motherland.

Military servicemen have already concluded agreements by notary order in the MoD construction company formed under Minister’s order.

Construction of Military Town will be launched in April. More than 1000 military servicemen including all generals, colonels, lieutenant-colonels and those majors, who haven’t received apartments till nowadays and also sergeants, will engage in the project for the first stage.

The first stage of the project will be accomplished in 2021. Further stages will be carried out according to the long-stand plan.

According to a new project, military servicemen’s financial obligations will be greatly reduced. In particular, if they had to cover 60% of the value, under the new terms the principle of 50% co-participation would apply. Instead of a private company, the MoD Construction Company will carry out construction of apartments which will significantly reduce the cost. The approximate value of per square meter is 200 USD, though the military will have to pay only 100 USD. They will have the opportunity of paying interest-free installments, not bank guarantees. Military personnel will be able to purchase apartments on unprecedented terms.