Meet Your Soldier-Senior Lieutenant Pavle Kavelashvili
24 January 2020

"Participation of Georgian troops in international peacekeeping missions underlines our professionalism once again, which is acclaimed by the representatives of coalition countries," - Senior Lieutenant Pavle Kavelashvili stated about it during the public lecture at the Georgian Technical University.

IV Mechanized Brigade Officer is a Ph.D. candidate at the faculty of Law and International Relations of Technical University. He delivered a public lecture on “Subjective and Objective Aspects of Georgia`s Integration into NATO as part of his Ph.D. research study.

in 2011 Senior Lieutenant Kavelashvili entered the Georgian National Defence Academy on the faculty of Joint Army Management. Since 2017, he has been serving as Platoon Commander of Charley Company of the 43rd Light Infantry Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade. The Officer is responsible for combat readiness and motivation of the military. The Battalion was the first military unit which underwent Georgia Defence Readiness Programme (GDRP) ad was deployed to Afghanistan within the Resolute Support Mission.

In parallel to the military service, Senior Lieutenant Kavelashvili continues individual professional development. According to his statement, the western course of the country is irreversible as the NATO membership is associated with security in the Black Sea region and improving economic, social and demographic situation. The Officer`s vision of his future career development is related with the service to the motherland.