Ltd State Food Company of Ministry of Defence of Georgia Fined Frozen Meat Supplier Company
15 January 2020

The Control Service of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia sent the frozen meat samples taken from different facilities to Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau.

Based on the conclusion of the expertise, the Meat Supplier Company (Georgian Vegetable Oil Company Ltd. "Karva" Ltd.) having provided the meat products to the Defence Forces up to December 31 2019,  was fined (three times) with 124 950 GEL due to the violation of  the terms of the tender.

Within a new social policy of the MoD, improving the food service of the Defence Forces was listed among the top priorities of the Ministry.  In this direction, with the decision of Minister Garibashvili, significant changes were implemented. In particular, the food ration changed and became more diverse, with all the canteens being rehabilitated to modern standards. Since 2020, the Georgian army has been supplied with high-quality Georgian-produced fresh meat.

In addition to the above-said reforms, significant steps have been taken to tighten the quality control of food products. Among them, the relevant services of the Ministry of Defence tightened control and oversight of fulfilling the terms of the tender.

During procuring various products by tender in the Ministry, quality control and fulfillment of tender conditions will be carried out in future in the most effective manner.