Georgian Defense Forces to be provided with Fresh Unfrozen Meat
14 January 2020

Defense Minister of Georgia dined with soldiers in the military canteen in Gori. Together with his deputy Juansher Burchuladze, the representatives of Defense Forces and Chairman of Farmers’ Association of Georgia Nino Zambakhidze, Irakli Garibashvili personally got acquainted to new nutrition ration and tested meal prepared with fresh unfrozen meat.       

Since January 2020, Georgian Defense Forces is provided with fresh unfrozen meat. Within new policy of Defense Ministry of Georgia a special importance is paid to high nutrition standards for military. According to the new standards, Georgian army is provided with high quality products, including unfrozen meat. The same conditions are requested in new consolidated tender announced by MoD.


Under Irakli Garibashvili’s decision, important changes have been made in order to improve nutrition conditions. Since November 1, 2019 the norm of meat in the ratio has been changed. As well as under Minister’s order, nutrition ratio had been changed and food provision of the entire military personnel has become the same as the nutrition ratio for Special Operation Forces.

Together with improvement of food provision standards, control over the conditions stipulated under the tender is restricted as well.

At the same time infrastructure, including all canteens in Defense Forces is under reconstruction that improves food provision and service on the highest level.

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