Georgian platoons ready for the engagement in international missions
27 December 2019

The platoons of Georgian Defence Forces are ready to engage in the international missions led under the aegis of NATO and EU. The Reinforced Platoon of the National Guard finished pre-deployment training for the EU-led Military Training Mission in the Central African Republic today.

To join the multinational NATO Military Police Battalion deployed in Poland, Western Military Police Battalion Platoon was trained. The ceremony of completion of the predeployment preparation of the Georgian platoons was held at the NATO-Georgia Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC).

Trainings and Military Education Commander COL Grigol Chelidze and Chief of the National Guard COL Irakli Chumburidze congratulated the military on the accomplishment of the training. As part of the event, the senior instructors and military personnel were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

The National Guard and the Military Police platoons underwent a six-week training for deployment in the missions and mastered the skills required to perform conventional and non-conventional operations.

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