Georgia has a new Senior Military Representative to Afghanistan
26 December 2019

Georgia has a new Senior Military Representative to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since December. Colonel Zakaria Kalandadze was replaced by Colonel Malkhaz Melkadze.

The new Georgian Military Representative has already visited all the bases where Georgian units are deployed as part of the Resolute Support Mission.

Colonel Malkhaz Melkadze received the information from the Georgian military commanders about the situation in the area of ​​operation and thanked the Georgian soldiers for their service.

The function of the Senior Military Representative in Afghanistan is to support the Georgian peacekeeping units, to monitor and support their requirements and to organize and coordinate high-level delegations' visits.

The Deputy Chief of the Staff of the RSM in Security Affairs, Brigadier General Nikoloz Janjgava awarded the Peacekeeping Medal to former Senior Military Representative Col Zakaria Kalandadze.