Special Operation Forces celebrates 20th Anniversary
22 November 2019

Special Operation Forces of Georgian Defense Forces marks its 20th anniversary. Deputy Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze and Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Brigadier General Zaza Chkhaidze congratulated the military on the jubilee. 

Within the event the military of Special Operation Forces together with the special group from Poland carried out offensive operation within which they performed tactical movements, attack, clearance, security tasks, evacuation and destroying tasks. According to the scenario the gunners and snipers team managed to isolate the operation area. The military servicemen also carried out various rappelling tasks from the tower. 

On the 22nd of November, 1992 “Special Operation Combat Course” was held under the assistance of Turkish instructors. 12 Georgian military servicemen accomplished the course successfully. The first special operation team was established in this way which became the basis of Special Operation Tactical Unit.

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