Conscripts gave oath of alligience
15 November 2019

377 military servicemen joined the Georgian Defence Forces. The swearing-in ceremony was held in Kojori.

Acting 1st Deputy chief of the Georgian Defence Forces, Major-General Shalva Jabakhidze congratulated the conscripts on joining the Defence Forces and wished them a successful service to homeland. The conscripts were also addressed by the acting commander of Aviation and Air Defence Command, Colonel Sergo Ninua.

After the ceremony, military personnel who successfully completed the Basic Combat Training (BCT) program and the successful graduates of national laguange learning program with enthinic minority background have been awarded with certificates.
Conscripts undergone 10 weeks course before giving the oath of alligience. Dunrign the combat trining they learned and developed the tactic, communications, medical, fire and drill related skills and studied discipline and medical protocols.

Soldiers in the Aviation and Air Defence and Logistics Command subdivisions will service for nine month and according to their resident locations. The ceremony was attended by the representatives from Defence Froces, representatives of Public Policy school amed after Zurab Zvania and the family members of military servicemen.

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