Adam Kinzinger: “United States of America Stands Unwavering Support for Georgia’s Self-determination and Territorial Integrity”
6 November 2019

“United Stated of America stands unwavering support for Georgia’s self-determination and territorial integrity. We will never recognize illegal occupation that exists today. We support a session of Georgia into NATO. We believe that Georgia should be a full NATO partner with all rights and privileges and this is a message to NATO” – U.S. Congressman started his speech with these words delivering at Georgian Defense and Security Conference in Batumi.


As Congressman outlined the United States of America needs the exact partner like Georgia is. “We all, Republicans and Democrats, agree on Georgia’s future and our support to Georgia as evident by Georgia’s Support Act supported by the both parties of Congress”, stated Adam Kinzinger. While delivering a speech he emphasized the challenges existing in the world after the Cold War, stressed on the necessity of self-determination and highlighted that freedom and faithful ambitions always achieve its goal in this process.

Adam Kinzinger also referred to Georgia’s contribution in global security: “Georgia has great commitment in Afghanistan. Commitment of Georgian people in Afghanistan is uprising. The United States of America thanks the people of Georgia for their efforts in this important fight!”