Media Training “Noble Response 2019” came to an end
8 July 2019

The Media Training “Noble Response 2019” finished at the Senaki II Infantry Brigade Base. The exercise has been conducted for the third time already and was participated by 21 acting and future photographers and cameramen. The project organizers awarded course graduation certificates to the training participants.

The goal of the “Noble Response 2019” was to develop the skills among the journalists to help them carry out their professional activities effectively in light of the existing hybrid challenges. Respectively, the representatives of the military units of Defence Forces shared the theoretical knowledge to the media representatives and journalists had the opportunity to use the adopted skills in practice.

The field part of the simulated scenario of training continued for three days in parallel to the information component. The training participants had the opportunity to see the activity of separate military units and to experience the situation they may come across when covering the military activities in war.

The media training was held for the first time within interagency format and State Security Service was engaged in it. The training was conducted by the active engagement of Western Command and under the management of the Department of Strategic Communications and Public Relations. The practical component of the training went on with the participation of II Infantry Brigade and combat equipment, Special Operations Forces, Military Police, Combat-Engineer Battalion, Medical Battalion, Department of Social Affairs and Psychological Support of the MoD, the representatives of the Defence Institution Building School, the MoD and Defence Forces.