Mountain Training School Hosts Summer Basic Course
30 June 2019

PfP Mountain Training Summer Course for foreign soldiers is in process in Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training School. 40 military servicemen from 9 countries – USA< UK, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Armenia participate in the training.

The participants are undergoing practical trainings nearby areas of Sachkhere and Chiatura and with the assistance of School instructors they master in mountain skills like climbing,  using the climbing equipment and its technical data, orientation, planning routes on the map, movement on the mountain terrain with the help of compass and map, rendering first aid to the injured, collective survival and organization of evacuation. They also learn climbing on natural rocks and artificial walls.  They also have to climb the fixed rope, cross the river and other obstacles and acquire rappelling technique.

At the end of the course military personnel will get certificates and medals. In case they undergo test successfully they will get pass for the further course.

Mountain Basic Summer Course launched on June 16 and will complete on July 5.   

Sachkhere Mountain Training School regularly host winter and summer courses within Partnership for Peace program with the participation of soldier from NATO member and partner countries.

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