Planned Exercise held at Bagram Airfield
11 January 2019

Alpha Company of 22nd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade, deployed at the the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan under the Resolute Support Mission took part in a simulated exercise along with Medical Team and Quick Response units.

The exercise was conducted according to the Georgian peacekeepers` scenario  aimed at improving interaction between Command Point and supporting elements as well as providing security on the place of incident. According to the scenario, the military had to provide the first aid to the wounded and Quick Response Unit also provided a medical evacuation of wounded on land. 

The trainigns are of permanent character and aims at improving military skills. The 22nd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade has been fulfilling their duties under the Resolute Support Mission since October. The Battalion`s mission is to protect security of inner and outer perimeter of the Bagram Airfield.

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