Major General Vladimer Chachibaia: “none of the military serviceman will stay without a job
10 January 2019

Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces evaluates the information spread about the possible dismissal of the military servicemen from Special Operations Forces as false. 

Major General Vladimer Chachibaia underlined that, this news is disinformation and none of the military servicemen will be dismissed; the structureal changes are being implemented within the ongoing defence transformation amed at promoting Georgia`s defensive capabilities: “we have discussed the issues along with the members of NATO Core Team and the U.S. Advisors` Team based in Georgia. We meet the standards acceptable to NATO. Dismissal of military personnel is not planned”-stated Chief of Defence Forces. 

In Major-General Vladimer Chachibaia`s words, defence transformation is a part of the policy pursued by Defence Ministry and refers to Special Operations Forces  as well. The goal of this reform is to strengthen national defence capabilities, improve interoperability with NATO  and granting more autonomy to the Special Operations Forces. The main core of the ongoing reorganization is formation of  Special Operations Forces having with standards and capabilities similar for both Western and Eastern directions. 

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