German Media Representatives visiting Gori
2 May 2015
Today, German media representatives paid visit to the National Defence Academy.The delegation members were greeted in city of Gori by Deputy Defence Minister Nodar Kharshiladze, Head of Trainings and Military Education Department of JS of GAF, Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava and representatives of Public Affairs Department of MoD. Mr. Nodar Kharshiladze introduced to the German delegation, composed of journalists, newspaper editors and correspondents of German state media and broadcast outlets, political parties, foundation press services and non-governmental agency representatives about the reforms ongoing in the MoD and armed forces. Trainings and Military Education Commander spoke about  the reforms implementing in the educational field. The foreign visitors mainly expressed an interest in the 2008 August war outcomes and ongoing rehabilitation along with future plans of GAF. Following the meeting, the foreign guests took a view of Simulation Center located at the territory of National Defence Academy base.
According to the Eberhard Sucker, Project Manager, the meeting was quite interesting as the goal of the visit is to get better familiar with Georgia and to obtain diverse information on the country. “We were given the possibility to find out the official position of MoD and to put questions to the Deputy Minister. Our impression is that Georgian officials are quite professional, willing to share their own views”, stated Sucker.
German media representatives arrived in Georgia on the 15th of September. The official purpose of the visit is to cover the Georgian development tendencies in the aftermath of the Rose Revolution in German and European media. During 10 day visit in Georgia, the delegation members are planning to hold meetings with Georgian politicians and representatives from cultural and economic spheres. They will take a close study of relationships with EU, US and Russia including the problems related to the occupied regions of Tskhinvali and Abkhazia. The delegation will stay in Georgia till the 25th of September.The first such visit was made in Georgia on June of 2007. The organizer of the visit is Political Education Agency of German Federal Republic Government.