Cadets Military Lyceum opened
2 May 2015
Today, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has opened Cadets Military Lyceum in Kutaisi. The opening ceremony started by erecting flags and performing the State Anthem. It was sang by the young people together with Paata Burtchuladze.
President, in an introductory speech delivered at the ceremony, spoke about the importance of rehabilitation of the Cadets Corps-“ after several years of interval, we finally restored the Cadets Lyceum but in different scale and quality, guided by a new motivation and with the help of other people... This means that we could do it. Georgian combat spirit does not only exist or vanished somewhere, but it continues to strengthen. It means that Georgia has not surrendered and put up with the fate defined to it by some others. Georgia is full of belief of future victory”. Georgian president underlined the Georgia’s involvement in the Afghan peacekeeping operation. According to him, participation in the NATO-led peace support operation is beneficial for Georgian army in terms of gaining useful combat experience and familiarizing with modern military technique. Mikheil Saakashvili said that Georgian engagement in the international security efforts contributes to the common security goals of Georgia and its partners- “in such a critical situation as we have in Georgia, with occupied territories, somebody might say that it is not time to leave and fight outside borders of Georgia. But because of so many problems, we need great combat experience... The present situation in Georgia is not like the one in Norway, Denmark or Australia. Look at our position and circumstances in which we are, challenges and threats we are facing and then decide if we have the right to give up the armed forces or military school like this? This is the possibility to integrate our troops with the best armies of the world countries, get familiar with the most advanced military equipment, achievements, and on top of all to adopt a lot of useful things to employ them for the creation and development of our armed forces”. President pointed out that death of the Georgian soldier in Afghanistan is extremely painful for him and that Georgia is grateful to those military, who are participating in the peacekeeping mission being full aware of its importance. “I would like to say for sure that Georgia will be strong when the combat spirit is maintained and will defeat in case of it disappearing. That is why we are determined to continue to fight in order to achieve the final victory”, -declared Saakashvili.
Towards the end, Georgian president awarded Paata Burchuladze with Order of Excellency.
Supreme Commander-in-Chief took a view of infrastructure of Cadets Lyceum and had dinner with students.
The military school opening ceremony was attended by Georgian Defence Minister Bacho Akhalaia, Chief of Joint Staff Major-General Devi Chankotadze, representatives of civil office of MoD and JS accompanied by their children.
At the beginning of a new academic year, up to 300 cadets will launch studying at the Military Lyceum. Studying process will be led in accordance with National Training Plan and additional Military Curriculum developed by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science. The program involves intensive physical preparation and training in a number of subjects like history, military topics, topography and informatics along with other themes given by general educational curriculum. During 3 years at the Lyceum, cadets will be insured with nutrition, housing (barracks), medical service, all necessary inventory and equipment. After leaving the military school, they will receive two certificates, one of secondary education and will be completely free in selecting higher institutions. In case of decision to go on with military career, they will be allowed to apply to the National Defence Academy (after passing examinations). Though during entrance examinations, Lyceum graduates will not enjoy any kind of privileges. As Ministry of Defence explains, graduating the high-level Cadets Military Lyceum and through it gaining an useful knowledge is already a benefit.  
Entrance examinations were held in 15-23 July. Male-students from general educational establishments, who finished 9th and 10th grades during 2009-2010 could apply to the Military Lyceum. Number of eligible applicants was 1600. Among them a total of 300 applicants were selected on the basis of physycal, psychological and logical skills testing results. 
Lyceum Infrastructure incorporates three basic premises-studying, living and administrative buildings, canteen, sport hall, club, football and basketball squares. The church is also functioning at the school territory. 
Cadets Military Lyceum will receive students every year. In future, one such military school is also planned to be opened in Tbilisi city.