Georgia Defence and Security Conference will be Represented as a Partner of the Munich Security Conference in 2019
2 November 2018

The fifth panel of Georgia Defence Security Conference was held in partnership with the Munich Security Conference and involved the discussion on the perspectives of the Black Sea Geopolitics – facts, interests, prospects. Wolfgang Ischinger, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference addressed participants of the event through video conference and voiced important news that Georgia Defence and Security Conference will be represented as a partner of the Munich Security Conference in February 2019. Ischinger talked about the security challenges in the Black Sea region and emphasized on the necessity for active NATO engagement. “Georgia’s impressive efforts at reforms and Georgia’s successful efforts of enhanced cooperation with NATO since 2008 Bucharest summit have left an impressive track record. It is this time to elaborate a clear road map for NATO's future membership in the alliance and to take concrete steps in this direction. Continuing a policy of letting Georgia hang in there without a clear roadmap to go forward would not only endanger Georgia’s situation, it would also tend to undermine the credibility of the entire North Atlantic alliance ”, - declared the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference.

In the words of Levan Izoria, the invitation of Georgia Defence Security Conference to the Munich Security Conference proves the success of the event. “Based on the official invitation by Professor Ischinger, our conference, for the first time in history, will be the partner of one of the important conferences in the world – the Munich Security Conference. Once again, together with our partners, we will have possibility to establish a guideline to specify on what terms and criteria and what time Georgia joins NATO. This is a statement by an important expert, voiced within our conference, which will be the theme of the Munich Security Conference. Not only it is the recognition of our conference but it is the acclamation of the whole success and dynamics that we have on the road of our integration in the North Atlantic area.” –said Minister Izoria.

The panel was moderated by Matthew Bryza of the Jamestown Foundation. The discussion of the Black Sea geopolitics involved the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Georgia Dessislava Ivanova-Kozleva, representative from Romania BG Vasile Bucur, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council U.S. Global Energy Center and Eurasia Center Ariel Cohen and the Head of the Border Police of Georgia Temur Kekelidze.

Georgia Defence and Security Conference will be officially concluded today. The international event will be summarized by the Minister of Defence Levan Izoria and Senior Director of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement Michael Carpenter.

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