Levan Izoria: “This exercise is the symbol of our noble partnership”
1 August 2018

“This exercise bears the name NOBLE PARTNER and bonds the military personnel of NATO member and partner countries. This name, in great extent, is the result of courage and dedicated work of our servicemen. This exercise is the symbol of our noble partnership,” – declared the Minister of Defence of Georgia Levan Izoria in his speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the multinational military exercise Noble Parnter 2018.

In his opening remarks, Levan Izoria focused on enhancing dynamics of the support to Georgia from the United States and other NATO member and partner countries: “If in 2017 the exercise involved 2.800 military personnel, in 2018 their number exceeds 3.000. It should also be underlined that the number of participant countries has increased. This year we have 13 countries on the ground: Georgia; United States; United Kingdom; Germany; France; Lithuania; Estonia; Poland; Norway; Turkey; Ukraine; Azerbaijan and Armenia. The number of participating US aircraft and German armored vehicles has also increased.”

The multinational military exercise Noble Partner 2018 is led by the Georgian Armed Forces and the US Army European Command. The exercise has officially kicked off today and will be closed on August 15.