Singers “Pesvebi” holding concerts
2 May 2015
Group of Singers "Shvidkatsa" (“Pesvebi”) performing Georgian songs started series of concerts in the military units. The singers held the first concert on the location place of the 4th Infantry Brigade today and sang various songs for military men.
At the today`s occasion, the singers recalled the servicemen killed during the Georgian-Russian war in August, 2008 and held one minute’s silence in honor of the perished soldiers.
At the end of the concert the Ensemble members have performed the Georgian State Anthem together with the soldiers attending.
Within the frames of this concert tour, the Ensemble plans to visit all the five military brigades. Under the concert agenda, musical performances will be conducted in Gori`s Brigade tomorrow, in Kutaisi on the 1st of July, in the Senaki military base on the 2nd of July and last concert will be organized in Batumi on the 3rd of July.
The concerts, on the whole, aim to raise the spirit of the Georgian soldiers and to support their integration into the society.
The organizers of this series of concerts ongoing are the Charity Fund “Ertguleba” and “M-Army” Ltd.