The BCT Course launched for the candidates of contract-based military service
12 March 2018

Senior Sergeant Zaza Peradze Basic Combat Training Centre began the first stage of Basic Combat Training Course of 2018. From today, at the Algeti Training Base, up to 400 candidates specially selected for the BCT Course will go through preparation in the skills of shooting, the first medical aid, drilling, communications and tactic for ten weeks. After the basic combat training, they will be appointed on certain positions in different military units.

The BCT Course aims at the preparation of the solders as shooters. They will be also practiced in navigation-topography, disciplinary regulations and physical skills.

Prior to the enlistment in the BCT Course, the candidates underwent medical checkup except for a physical test and a psychological assessment. During the course, the recruits will be living in barracks. The registration of citizens for the contract-based military service launched on October 9, 2017 and will last up to the end of spring-summer of 2018. For the selected candidates, the BCT Course will be conducted on a step-by-step basis.

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