Mountain Training Basic Winter Course Launches
15 January 2018
Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training School hosts Mountain Training Basic Winter Course. Within NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) Program, the mountain training has launched in Gudauri today and in total, 13 military servicemen from NATO member and partner countries participate in it.
Together with the Georgian soldiers the military from Latvia, Poland, Azerbaijan and Armenia master in skiing and learn the skills how to overcome obstacles on the snowy landscape. Military servicemen will also learn how to search a person in avalanche and get acquainted with technical methods of evacuation. The course program includes building a snow shelter, the so called “Igloo”.
The course is guided by the instructors of Sachkhere Mountain Training School. At the end of the course the military will take tests after which they get certificates, badges and recommendation to participate in the Mountain Training Inter Winter Course.
Mountain Training Basic Winter Course will come to an end on February 2.