Defence Minister Attended Graduation of Captain’s Career Courses
26 December 2017

Graduation ceremony for the Captain’s Career Courses was held at the Army Hall of the Defence Ministry. Minister of Defence of Georgia Levan Izoria and Chief of General Staff of the GAF Major-General Vladimer Chachibaia congratulated successful completion of the course to 114 officers, among them 13 representatives of the Special Tasks Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


In his speech, Defence Minister outlined the importance of the course. Levan Izoria talked about the military education reforms and future plans. He also mentioned a new initiative to introduce an International Maneuver Captain Career Course that will prepare maneuver officers in the English Language who will be able to plan combat operations at the tactical level.


At the end of the ceremony, course graduates were awarded with special certificates. They will return to their military units and continue service in the Army.


The officers learned tactics, reconnaissance, fire and engineering support elements, air defence, personnel management, communication and logistics. They attended both – theoretical and practical modules.


Captain Career School of the Combined Arms Center provides preparation of the company commanders; battalion and brigade staff officers who acquire combat and command skills and practical knowledge at the educational institution. The curriculum of the Captain Career School is the 2nd stage of the officers’ military education at the tactical level. It is a necessary precondition for career development. The school has 9 career courses in various services preparing company and battalion staff officers. 


The first Infantry Captain Career Course was established in 2004 with the support of the U.S. military instructors and advisers. In 2007 it has been transformed into Maneuver Captain Career Course. Later, captain career courses in various services were added stage by stage – artillery, reconnaissance, maneuver, signal, engineering, air defence, logistics, aviation and personnel.


Since 2005 the Captain Career School prepared 1226 officers; Maneuver Captain Career School had 21 graduations and prepared 572 officers.

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