Total Defence Concept
20 December 2017

Georgian Defence Minister Levan Izoria talked about total defence during committee hearings at the Parliament of Georgia. The Defence Minister underlined the importance of civil-military cooperation, the developed concept of reserve and mobilization in terms of total defence.

“The Total Defence Concept means a broad involvement of society in the defence of the country and it’s not just military component. That’s why we’ve restored compulsory military service. We’ve developed new concept of reserve and mobilization with the active participation of MPs. The draft law was elaborated and Parliament will discuss it in the next year. One of the most important components of the total defence is the intensification of interagency cooperation. We had a very important trainint – DIDGORI 2017 – in this regard,” said Levan Izoria and added that interagency exercise will continue in the future.

According to the Strategic Defence Review (SDR), defence planning is based on a total defence approach. The document was developed by the MoD in 2017.